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Let Them Eat Cake Shoot

Posted on May 17, 2018 by Admin under Uncategorized
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The Inspiration

Last week I got to photograph a Let Then Eat Cake shoot inspired by the aesthetics of Sofia Coppola’s film of Marie Antoinette.  (Visit the imdb site to view a selection of images from the Marie Antoinette film ).  It was my good friend and model Alice Katz who approached me with the idea. She said she wanted a shoot full of pink, tulle and prettiness, oh and also cake.  We knew it would have to look completely over the top, nothing subtle! I set to work researching Marie Antoinette styled shoots, the images I saw made me realise that I didn’t want this to be a ‘just got this costume for a fancy dress party’ style shoot. It had to take inspiration from the 18th century, but also keep a modern fashion twist.

The Shoot

The night before the shoot I had the bright idea of decorating our gazebo and shooting in there. Not only would it be cooler but it would mean I could mix soft ambient light with my strobes. Alice turned up looking fabulous, and I set to work with pink poly boards, white muslin, and tulle in pretty, soft tones to transform the gazebo.  I used my Pixapro Pika200 in an Elinchrom Rotalux Deep Octa for light, not aiming it directly at Alice but feathering it away so it bounced of the walls and poly boards to give a beautiful, subtle lift to the already gorgeous ambient light. The only thing that we were limited by was the height of the gazebo. All the shots had to be of Alice seated or lying down, but it didn’t seem to matter.  We were both thrilled with the images that we got from the shoot, they were so prettily over the top.










Yellow Rape-Flowers Shoot & Fun with a Parachute

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Rape-Field Shoot

I have been determined to shoot a red dress in a field of yellow rape-flowers for a couple of years now and never managed it. On Saturday I finally got to do it! We found a field with a footpath running through it, took my Pixapro PIKA200 light and were away.  This flash is great; it does TTL and HSS, and is light enough for me to manage by myself, yet still has the power of about three speedlights.  (I will be doing a future post on using flash on location). I put a globe diffuser on the light to make it a little softer, but could probably have done without it to get a bit more power and darken the sky more, but I was still really pleased with the way the light worked.  I started off with natural light and the Canon 135mm f2 lens, which gives incredibly beautiful background bokeh. I love this look but it didn’t give the drama that I was after, so I then switched to the Canon 16-35mm f4 lens and the PIKA200. This lens gives images so sharp you could cut yourself on them, and also gives that crazy wide angle look to the sky that is just what I was after. I was kneeling on the ground for a lot of the wide-angle shots to make the most of the sky, luckily it was cloudy with only intermittent sun.  These are some of the results from the shoot. (Yes I know the dress is purple in the first two images: I changed it, because I could).




Parachute Skirt Test

Because I have recently acquired a parachute (as you do), I wanted to see how we could use it as a skirt, so we then went back to my house to have a play with it.  This thing is huge, in fact it’s about 32ft in diameter, so it was quite awkward for us and Honey the model to manoeuvre it around in my rather small garden (understatement of the year).  In the end, Honey stood on a small ladder and we tied the parachute around her with the aid of clothes pegs and a scarf. Not the most elegant of looks but it worked. I just loved how this skirt looked, especially when David (assistant for the day) was wafting it around to get some movement. My next job with this is to actually make the circle in the middle of the parachute into something that fits a waist – it’s HUGE at the moment. Watch this space for further updates. These are some of the test shots with a touch of lighting from the PIKA200 again, this time in an Elinchrom Rotalux Deep Octa Softbox.





Model: Honey Malone 

Assistant: Dave Jackson 

Headshots & Why You Need One

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Do you need a headshot? The answer is yes! It doesn’t matter whether you’re an actor, dancer, model, small business owner, author, executive etc then the first image people see of you will have a lasting impression.  Think what your current profile picture says about you on social media or your website; does it reflect the image that you want your clients to have of you? If not then it’s probably time that you invested in professional headshots, and no, a quick snap taken on your phone won’t be the same.

I’ve just added headshots to the photographic services I offer, and for a limited time only they’ll be priced at £50 for two fully edited images.  This is a not to be repeated offer so hurry and book soon.  We’ll discuss in detail the type of images you want and discuss whether it would be better for you to have an outdoor or studio shoot. I can come to your home or place of business too if it’s easier to shoot there.  I make shoots as relaxed as possible and guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the images that we get. So whether you’re after a romantic soft shot, or something quirky, or more formal, please get in touch.


headshots, male, with lighting on both sides of the face


Headshots, black and white, young female model